Beacon fisheries truck trailer graphic vinyl wrap

Have one or more company vehicles that need to be wrapped?

No problem! We're capable of handling entire fleets of vehicles.

We only use the highest-quality 3M graphic vinyls, which are warrantied by 3M and specially laminated so your visuals can last for years without fading from exposure to the elements. CORR Digital can handle the whole wrap process from design to installation for any kind of wrap. We print and laminate regular graphic vinyl and perforated window film, so we’re capable of covering as much of your vehicle as legally possible (everything but the windshield and front windows). And by “vehicle,” we don’t mean just cars, trucks and vans. We’ll wrap anything on wheels, from bicycles to full-size trailer rigs. We can even wrap some watercraft. Want to add matching branding your boat and the truck that pulls its trailer? CORR can do that for you!


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Whatever your budget, CORR Digital has a solution to turn your company vehicle (be it a car, boat, or trailer) into an eye-catching mobile advertisement. With full wraps, partial wraps or cut vinyl decals in a variety of finishes, we can give you the polished, professional look you want. And if you have an idea but aren’t sure how to bring it to life, don’t worry. We’ve mastered the science of interpreting your ideas and turning them into imaginative designs. We offer full creative services, from logo development to full-wrap graphics. We can even print your graphics on 3M reflective vinyl so your brand can be seen bright and clear even on the roads at night.

For areas that can’t be covered in graphics (the front windows), we can also install tint or UV protection films to protect the interiors of your commercial vehicles from sun damage so they can last longer. These films will also keep your drivers comfortably shaded without impeding visibility.


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